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Monday, 15 November 2010 10:37

Difficult Client? Try these Quick Tips.

difficultYour hands are sweating; your stomach is in knots. Once again you have a client who has become truly obnoxious. Somehow they are driving you crazy. If you say left, they say right. The hiring honeymoon is over and now you see that your client is – believe it or not – a difficult person.

Part of your challenge is that your attachment to the outcome of this conversation is both financial and relationship based. Oh and it is tied to money, wait did I already say that? Well which one of you is NOT in business to MAKE MONEY?

And what about being respected for your knowledge and your expertise and I’m sorry, dare I say it, what about your ego? How can this person, this client go ahead and hire you to do something and then turnaround and not listen to you or disregard your advice or even worse, ask for your input and then do the exact opposite? I mean really, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?

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