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Achieving the Unachievable

A case study on aligning a project with stakeholder objectives.


This case study describes how a major capital expenditure project was able to achieve a faster, risk-adjusted and still achievable schedule using a combination of schedule and risk analytics, based on the Acumen S1>S5™ schedule maturity framework built into the Fuse project analysis platform.

Through groundbreaking analytics and reporting techniques, what was originally deemed to be unachievable—a faster, less risky project that would enable a faster-to-market gas production facility, was achieved. The techniques used reduced the original project forecasted duration by almost one year, and in parallel, reduced the forecasted risk exposure, aligning the project to stakeholder expectations and ultimately leading to a successful, timely sanction and approval of funding.

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Monday, 19 March 2007 16:50

Beyond the Golden Rule

Sally was planning a big surprise party for Jim. Next week marked his tenth anniversary as a senior developer at Acme Software Company. Sally saw this as the perfect opportunity to recognize Jim. Jim was never in the spotlight and yet he was consistently a strong project team member. Sally was one year away from her fifth anniversary as a project manager with the company and she could not wait for her celebration!


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Thursday, 25 January 2007 21:32

Staff Management Plan

This is a subsidiary plan to the Project management plan which includes the processes of staff acquisition, time-table of staff acquisition, team member release criteria, staff training requirements, policies for reward and recognition, compliance requirements and safety protocol.

Staffing is generally represented by a Resource Histogram - A resource histogram illustrates the employee’s time and activities accordingly. The host organization’s management may choose to utilize this information to make decisions about other organizational goals that require time and effort from the project contributors. 

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