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Saturday, 04 December 2010 05:00

3 Ways Your EQ Resolves Conflict

Your Emotional Intelligence can help make or break you. After all your Emotional Intelligence or EQ is your ability to handle yourself and others. It is all about your ability to get along with others and build relationships. In today’s world it is not enough to be good at the technical aspects of your job, if you really want to separate yourself from the pack you need to get along well with others too!

Getting along well with others also means that you can face conflict with the people around you and keep those relationships intact.  Think about it, your EQ is a conflict resolution tool! Here are 3 ways that your EQ helps you resolve conflict.

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Thursday, 25 January 2007 21:37

Conflict Management

Whether conflict has a net positive or negative effect on a project and its parent organization depends on how the project manager handles it. PMI® recognizes five methods for dealing with conflict:

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