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humor 10Click here to listen to our Best PM Podcast episode for today:

32,966 project managers have listened to it so far!

This is a special episode of The PM PrepCast for the launch of our new PMP Exam Coaching program.

In this interview I introduce you to Dan Ryan, MBA, PMP. Dan is not only a certified PMP, he is also a PMP exam coach. As a PMP exam coach he works with PMP students from around the world to achieve the goal of passing the PMP exam. And he has done that hundreds of times. He successfully helped, motivated and guided his students to become PMP certified.

And he can do that for you as well because we decided that now is the right time for us to start offering personalized PMP exam coaching to you. To learn more about what type of coaching we offer, please visit That will give you all the details and introduce you to our coaches.

And please do yourself a favor and listen to this interview even if you think that you don’t need a personal coach for the PMP exam, because the 7 questions that Dan discusses are important. Everyone worries about them and Dan has the answers for you. ‪#‎BestofPMPodcast

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Best of EpisodeHere is another one of our Best PM Podcast episodes. 32,775 project managers have listened to it so far.

Click Here to Listen to the Interview:

This is a special episode of The PM PrepCast for the launch of our new PMP Exam Coaching program.

In the first two interviews about PMP Exam Coaching, we heard from a PMP Tutor about his work and how he helps students as they are prepping for their PMP exam. Now we want to switch the focus to the students. This is the first of three interviews with PMP exam students who decided to use a coach during their exam preparation.

First off we meet Cathy Vasile, PMP. She had a hard time translating her initial training into PMP exam success. So she decided to work with a PMP coach and achieved success.

We learn about her journey from start to finish, talk about how the coach personalized the training for her needs, and why she feels that this was money well spent.

Please visit for more information about our PMP exam coaching program.

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