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Thursday, 25 January 2007 19:06

Activity Resource Estimating

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This is the process of estimating how many resources a project team should use to perform project activities. Before estimating activity durations, the PM must have a good idea of the quantity and type of resources that will be assigned to each activity. Consider important issues in estimating resources:

  • How difficult will it be to complete specific activities on this project?
  • What is the organization’s history in doing similar activities?
  • Are the required resources available?


Bottom-Up Estimating
Bottom-up estimating is a process by which the major deliverables of the project are broken down into smaller tasks until each task can be easily assigned a time value. The process of determining the smaller tasks of a project is known as decomposition. These smaller tasks can then be given time estimates more precisely than larger tasks.  The smaller and more tangible a task, the easier it is to create an accurate estimate. The bottom-up calculation is most accurate for forecasting time requirements, but it’s time consuming. Bottom-Up Estimating:

  • Involve Significant Level of Detail
  • Used When Definitive, Detailed Estimates of Effort and Cost are required
  • Involves Generating Individual Estimates for Small Units of Work Products
  • Summarizing Units of Work to Generate Overall Effort (WBS)
  • Used to Determine Project Schedules and Delivery Time Frames



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