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Thursday, 14 February 2008 11:50

"What makes a project successful?"

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When undertaking a project, it is necessary to understand both the business’s
corporate culture and its organizational dynamics (  competing or conflicting forces).
A project manager must work within these unwritten guidelines to be successful.
Often projects fail because of a project manager’s inability to communicate effectively, work within the organization’s culture, motivate the project team, manage stakeholder expectations, understand the business objectives, solve problems effectively, and make clear and knowledgeable decisions.

Delivering business value on time, within budget, and to the customers' satisfaction is both science and art. The project manager who believes that he has all the answers is doomed to fail.
Project managers must understand the corporate culture, the organizational dynamics, and the individuals they are dealing with. With this understanding, they will be able to obtain resources more effectively, gain support, and build
a stronger foundation for the effort.
The continued development of both the art and the science of project management will serve to strengthen the individual project manager.
Leadership, Problem Solving and Decision-Making, Team Building, Flexibility and Creativity, Trustworthiness, Time management, stress management, customer relationship management, expectation management, coaching, mentoring, and sound business judgment are soft skills that a project manager needs to be successful.
The organization itself must support the continued development of individuals within the organization to sustain their ability to provide themselves with skilled individuals in the art and science of project management.
Today's project manager must be able to apply project management processes, tools, and techniques to be successful. However, without mastering the timeless soft skills to supplement the hard skills, few project managers will succeed. This combination of art and science, while taking into consideration the broader organizational context, will lead to successful projects.

Article submitted by:
Ruth Goldberg, MBA
Managing Director TenStep Israel

Reference: Project Management: Still More Art than Science by Kate Belzer

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