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Monday, 21 June 2010 14:24

Put Others First

Written by  Margaret Meloni
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"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed." - Napoleon Hill

Not a lot of people always get the above concept.  Some people become so focused on themselves and their own needs that they forget about the people around them.


helping_othersI once worked with a woman who was completely freaked out because she forgot to buy diapers. She needed the diapers at the end of the day. She also needed to be in a meeting with her customer and her manager in thirty minutes. She opted to run to the store during working hours and pick up those diapers. She was late to the meeting and actually informed everyone that she was late because she had to go purchase those diapers. Her boss looked at her and said, “I would have let you leave early today to go to the store if I had known it would have gotten you into this meeting on time and prepared.”

Yikes! I wish I could tell you that this woman learned her lesson. Alas, she always had a hard time remaining focused on what the people around her needed and when they needed it and yes, she suffered at review time. Other people know better and they put their boss and their customers first. Remember that your co-workers are your customers too.

What does that really mean? It’s not about washing the boss’ car or always bringing him or her lunch.  It is about behaviors like this: When your management calls you or leaves you an email or leaves you a note; you respond and you responds as soon as possible.

Now I’m not implying that you should be on call 24/7, that’s a totally different requirement.  You may actually have times in your work when you are on call.  You’ve got your electronic leashes. I’m not saying that you should give up all of your life and time to be there in case a customer or co-worker or leader has a question.  What I am saying is that when someone does have a question, you treat it as urgent and important.  And make sure you take care of them before you take care of yourself.  

Don’t sacrifice your personal health or safety, but on a normal work day, in a normal routine, if you look at your desk and there is something you need to do - maybe it’s making copies of an agenda for a meeting tomorrow versus taking care of something for your boss,  take care of your boss first. Your customers should never have to call your management to find out where you are or to find out about the status of something you owe them.  

Your customers should never perceive that they are anything but important to you. They should never think that you can’t or won’t spend time assisting them. Of course you would never let a petty task take more importance than a request from a customer, right?

It’s about serving others. No matter how important your title may be or how high your salary is, you are serving others. When you come to the office you are there to serve others. When your actions depict service, others will take notice.

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