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Saturday, 19 December 2009 19:35

Your Opinion, My Decision

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“Now that you have created this product you can’t just do something new, you have to keep working this one.”

When my associate told me this I felt so deflated. We were discussing some future plans and I was really looking forward to creating something new. Her opinion was that I absolutely should not create something new, that the new item I wanted to create had nothing to do with the product we were discussing. Of course I was also disappointed because I thought I had hit upon a really good idea and now I was hearing that my good idea was maybe not so good. This was a nice smack in the ego too.


The person I was speaking with is a really smart and successful business person. I truly value her opinion. When she makes a suggestion I really listen. After we finished our conversation I decided to just wait and think things over. I really wanted to give her ideas consideration and I needed to give myself time to relax. I did not want to make decisions out of disappointment or rebellion or from any other potentially destructive point of view.

I turned my attention back to some other work. About three hours later, I had one of those famous ‘aha’ moments. I thought I had forgotten the earlier conversation, but clearly it was still churning in my subconscious. I found a solution that worked for me. It was not 100% what my associate was recommending and it was not 100% what I initially planned. It was a hybrid approach. This approach also helped me more clearly define the kind of help I wanted to provide my clients. I saw that what I wanted was to provide them with an array of tools to help navigate some of the different types of conflict they faced at work. It might be that they are out of work and dealing with that conflict, it might be that they are dealing with difficult people at work or perhaps they are trying to recover from an oops or a failed project. I was able to envision having more take away training items to help my people (that is how I think of my client, associates, friends and family).

I am so grateful to have had that conversation, even if at first the outcome was so disappointing. I am very grateful that I took the time to let my thoughts settle and to avoid making a rash decision. From the conflict I initially faced came a solution that I look forward to implementing.

Was she right? Am I right?  I do not know yet. I have not followed my decision all the way through to completion. I do know, that phase one of my approach is paying off. This turns out, it has been another reminder for me to continue to get great advice and information from really smart resources and then to use their opinions to steer me toward a decision that supports my goals.

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My vision is to be instrumental in the development of individuals who are at peace with their authentic selves; people who show others that it is OK to be human at work; who brings — and values — humanity to the office and thrives because of it. I want to create a world where peace and business co-exist.

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