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Wednesday, 04 November 2009 17:12

Good Management

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Each person has his or her own way of doing things. However, when a young manager faces a new situation, he/she has only two choices – sink or swim. It won’t be too bad if he/she uses an underrated quality that most managers take for granted: common sense. Apart from this, there are five broad areas that a young manager should look into as part of good management. They are time management, delegation, awareness and responsibility, accessibility, and firmness.


Time management
Whether you are overseeing a company or are a one-man show, this is very important. Time is not stretchable and neither are you. Know your limits and work within them.

  • Prioritize tasks and tackle them in order of importance.
  • There will always be some crisis that will arrive from nowhere, so make some allowance for it.
  • Do not get frustrated if things don’t work out as you had planned.
  • Try and retain control over events as much as possible.
  • Aim to do your best, but don’t indulge in nit-picking. The world is not perfect, nor are you.



Always delegate. Never think you are the only one who can do everything well. Subordinates, when given responsibility, often soar above expectations. However, don’t expect others to be clones of you.

  • Each person has a different way of doing things. Respect it and exercise trust. Just as trust breeds trust, mistrust breeds mistrust.
  • People hold on to things that they enjoy doing even if they prevent growth. Don’t do that.
  • Know when it is time to move on.



Awareness & Responsibility
Delegating means recognizing a lack of omnipotence. One manager cannot do all the activities of his subordinates, but it would be good for him/her to be aware of the different tasks done by his/her subordinates. This provides a solid confidence and boosts his/her standing among the staff. Appreciate any lowly job you start with – it could build
your future as a successful manager.



  • Be open and always urge people to come to you with ideas, suggestions and complaints.
  • Always think that your achievements are actually those of the entire team. Communicate this to your staff and coworkers.
    Much can be achieved when people work together rather than singly.


You may be open and democratic. However, there could be times when you must be firm. There may be times when you have to do things that may seem unpleasant, like confronting someone or firing an employee. A good manager cannot afford to be afraid of such situations.


Ultimately, good management comes down to good sense. A clear mind, a strong sense of purpose, a cheerful disposition and a willingness to admit and learn from mistakes are the qualities that contribute more to the making of a successful manager than any strategy or education.



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