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Sunday, 08 April 2007 20:15

Your Intentions are Talking About You

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For many weeks now you have listened to one of your colleagues say, “I really should dust off my resume, this position is not growing my career.” In spite of this it never occurs to you that your colleague is truly going to make a job change. You hear many people talk about what they should do or name actions they need to take. But actions speak louder than words and right now all you are observing is talk and no action.

Then one week you hear a new phrase. “This weekend I want to work on my resume”, you even hear a different tone of voice emanating from your colleague. Now it sounds like after weeks of stating he should be starting a job search, he is really moving forward. And it occurs to you that perhaps he really is serious about looking for a new job.

Two months pass and you and your colleague meet for lunch. Excitedly he tells you, “I am accepting a Senior Manager position at Acme Software.” And now you see that he has followed his intention from a spark of an idea, to the execution of an action plan. Now you believe that he is leaving the company.

In the above story you can follow the levels of intention:

Level One: I should or I need – This indicates recognition of or a desire to make a change or take an action, but is not an action plan.

Level Two: I want or I am going to – Now the talk about a change or action is being transformed into a plan, it may make the top of the to-do list.

Level Three: I am – A clear statement of intention reflecting action and ownership for the results. This is the execution and this is where an intention becomes a reality.

Take note, if a team member looks at you and says, “I know I owe you that design document and I should have it by Friday.” Or, “I should really get to work on your project.” This is not the same as when that same team member looks at you and says, “I know I owe you that design document and I am going to send it to you on Friday.” Or, “I am working on your deliverables right now.”

In most instances the use of should, going to or I am will tell you the strength of the intention.


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