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Wednesday, 06 August 2008 14:49

How Can a PMO Go Green?

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Many companies are finding that they must build project management capability if they are going to meet the business challenges in the future. PMOs are increasingly being viewed as an essential component that enable the success of projects, and hence, the future success of the entire organization.

PMOs currently act as the advocate for project management to the organization. Although GreenPM (green project management) is in its infancy it seems that there is a logical next step for PMOs to advocate and align environment-related items into its project management methodologies (ie, processes, templates, standards, etc). Companies that already incorporate environmental processes such as an Environmental Management System (EMS) and have established PMOs may be better positioned to incorporate the environmental discipline into their PMOs. They already operate within established processes in both of these areas and the next step would be determining how best to incorporate environmental aspects into their PMO governance and project management processes. This does not imply that companies that have not fully adopted an EMS or a PMO could not incorporate environmental aspects into their project management discipline.

How does a PMO begin to participate in GreenPM?

A PMO could establish a project to update its project management methodology and include green project management in its methodology enhancements.

  • A PMO could take inventory of all of its project management processes, standards, and templates.
  • It could identify the areas where they can evaluate their decisions based on current factors as well as environmental factors (eg, scope changes, quality requirements, etc) and incorporate this into their methodology.
  • The PMO could obtain input from various stakeholders, including those involved in the company’s environmental aspects and/or EMS.
  • The PMO could then complete the environment customizations in its methodology.
  • Simultaneously, the PMO could be planning and communicating the new methodology release to its various stakeholder groups, including those internal and external that are focused on the company’s environmental aspects.
  • As the PMO plans its deployment, it may consider how to educate and sustain the use of the new methodology release, including awareness/training sessions and metrics management.

From an ongoing perspective, a PMO can confirm its organization’s adherence to GreenPM through areas such as project audits, project feedback/lessons learned and metrics management. Perhaps there will be a role for the PMO to evaluate and summarize how project deliverables align with their company’s environmental targets. Consolidating these findings may provide valuable insight to the PMO and the organization.
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