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Sunday, 15 June 2008 19:06

Components of a PMO - Part 1 - Overview

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Project Management Offices (PMOs) have always been a passion of mine. I have also had the good fortune to be working in several companies where the project management maturity was in its infancy and a PMO had to be built. This gave me the opportunity to help create 3 PMOs from the ground up. This didn't just teach me a lot it also created my passion for everything PMO. I can't explain why, the assignment of creating a PMO for a company, rolling out our creation and then seeing how it improves the company's overall approach to how we manage projects is something that gives me enormous pleasure.

Over the years I have also spoken to many folks working in PMOs around the world about what they have, how they built it and listened to what they say works for them.

Based on my experience and on these discussions I have found four basic components that make up a PMO:

  • PPM Application
  • Collaboration Platform
  • Desktop Tools
  • Content

It doesn't matter if you have a virtual PMO, which is staffed by a non-dedicated resource or if you have a centralized PMO with full time staff and full time project managers. You will find these four components in some shape or form. And over the coming days I will dive into each of these four components and introduce them to you.

Why? Because I truly feel that these four components are a major consideration when building a PMO for a small or medium sized PMO. (Large and super-sized PMOs are a different beast and what I say may not necessarily apply to them.) And if you are in the process of building your internal PMO - or if you are just looking to improve your company's project management maturity - then it will help you to understand these components.

I will also give you a simple and pragmatic approach that you can use to build your PMO based on the already existing elements found in your company.

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Cornelius Fichtner, PMP is a Project manager, PMP trainer, host of The PM Podcast, creator of the PM Prepcast, PDUCast, public speaker and gummi bear addict.

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